lundi 14 mai 2012

Second document for the press review

Petition to "stop the sexist and degrading advertisements by Axe" sent to Mr Michael B. Polk, the President of Unilever Americas. 
(If you agree with the petition, click here and sign it).

Unilever Inc. is the company responsible for flooding our televisions, billboards, and magazines with advertisements that are offensive, sexist, and degrading against women; all so they can sell Axe- a personal care product for men that claims to "give guys the edge in the mating game". Its advertisements constantly portray woman in a sexual and submissive light. One of their newer products, a body spray called Dark Temptation, is featured in a commercial where the man using the products turns into a chocolate man. Throughout the commercial there are women biting his bum, licking his neck, and clawing at windows to get to him. Many other commercials feature women scantily clad that can't resist a man wearing an axe product. These commercials not only debase women but it presents the falsehood that all women have an inner animal just waiting to get out. It send a negative message to the younger generations that all you need is this product and women will sleep with you. The present women in a negative light that the only thing on our mind is sex. This gives men and younger children the wrong impression and the sense it's okay to objectify women. In Colombia, for instance, a female Axe Patrol visits bars and clubs, frisking guys and applying body spray.These small examples are more than enough to outrage today's modern woman, but what makes this worse is that Unilever Inc. is the company that also owns Dove. Dove is personal product geared towards women who's main sale's pitch is female empowerment and that one should love their body despite the shape and size. This is completely hypocritical and two faced. They state that the company's mission is " make cleanliness commonplace; to lessen work for women; to foster health and contribute to personal attractiveness, that life may be more enjoyable and rewarding for the people who use our products...". This statement itself is extremely sexist and backwards. It is time to take stand and demand that these advertisements can be pulled. There must be other ways to sell their product instead of using women as submissive and objectified pieces of meat that will convince a teenager if they use their product hot girls will be under his spell and unable to control themselves. It is time to fight that battle that so many women before us did. Together we are strong and we can send a message that we will not tolerate it anymore.

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